A Block Coding Language to Mod Minecraft

Easy to Use

A simple, intuitive, and friendly UI allow for kids and teens alike to create Minecraft mods with no Java knowledge.

Express Creativity

A vast range of blocks for kids to use and express their creativity with endless options.

Share with the World

A easy way to share and load other people's creations, and turn them into their own.

Fit for Teachers

Built in is a system for teachers to limit what kids are allowed to do while still allowing kids to have fun and express their creativity.

About Me

Eric Golde

Hi! I am Eric Golde. I decided to develop ScratchForge because while teaching a summer camp at my old middle school, Hamlin Robinson School, we were using online block based coding for the game Minecraft. These javascript recreations often had one end goal. I personally felt like these were a great starting point for kids, but lacked freedom of creativity. So I set to work trying to develop a block language that integrated with Minecraft Forge. A little while later, here we are.